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Refund Management

Full Service—No Exceptions

We offer solutions for every situation, so you don’t lose time on handling exceptions. Authorized administrators are empowered and can take control through our customized self-service tools. Provide the best student experience with the immediate ability to reverse a refund payment,  issue a check or a personal code to a student instantly, facilitate a refund selection or correct ACH information on the spot.

The Support Team

We believe a superior administrator experience starts with support. From day one as a BankMobile Disbursements client, you will receive the support of an entire team of experts in Refund Management. A dedicated Project Manager will handle the critical details of implementing your program in the early stages. Then, you will partner with a seasoned Relationship Manager to assist you day-to-day through the life of your program. Stay informed and up to date through our eTrain learning sessions and receive online support at In addition, your students will have access to a dedicated professional customer service team that provides support through a customer service line, online FAQs, email and social media.

The Process

  • Step 1

    Campus gathers refund information and sends it to BankMobile Disbursements.

  • Step 2

    Campus wires the total disbursement amount to BankMobile Disbursements.

  • Step 3

    BankMobile Disbursements disburses refunds based on preference selected by the student.

  • Step 4

    BankMobile Disbursements handles all exceptions and all customer service.

The Launch

The implementation, or “launch”, will require minimal IT involvement—only approximately 20 hours from IT resources for the whole launch. The launch is fast-paced and lasts for just 8-12 weeks. Launch revolves around five major deliverables to test the program and prepare for the initial rollout to the campus community:

  • Test demographic file
  • Refund test file #1
  • Initial demographic file (pre-determined student population to be messaged)
  • Refund test file #2
  • Daily demographic file (new students)

The Timeline

Welcome (weeks 1-4)0%

  1. Team creation
  2. Intro email sent to students and staff/faculty
  3. In-person project kickoff on campus
  4. Introduce student and administrator websites

Launch (weeks 4-8)0%

  1. Operational process testing
  2. File certification
  3. Administrator training
  4. Educational materials distributed on campus
  5. Address update campaign

Go Live (weeks 8-12)0%

  1. Administrator training continues
  2. Refund processing tested
  3. Demographic data exports
  4. Refund selection kit issuance
  5. Refund program goes live!


There is no hardware or software to install and we integrate with all major student information and transaction systems. Over the years, we have collected scripts written within various ERP systems and will provide references from partner schools to help point you in the right direction.

Security & Compliance

We take security and compliance seriously. If you have been managing your own ACH program, we can help relieve your campus from the liabilities and risks of storing your students’ bank account information and help you comply with new Department of Education regulations.

Learn More

BankMobile Disbursements offers a number of add-on services or modules, so you can create a program that suits the unique needs of your institution.

PLUS Loan Refund Management Service

Disburse PLUS Loan refunds directly to parents.

Data Transfer

Do you manage your own program and need to ease the burden? Easily transition your internally managed direct deposit refund program to the BankMobile Refund Management service and alleviate data security and compliance concerns.

Campus Payroll

Handle payroll services for students, faculty and staff electronically to ensure timeliness and accuracy.

BankMobile Disbursements puts students first. We handle all student refunds on behalf of your institution—regardless of the disbursement method they choose. Every student will experience:

  • A clear, neutral and transparent online process for selecting how they want their refunds.
  • Fast, reliable and secure access to their funds. We never sell or share student data.
  • A choice in how they receive their refund, always free of cost. Choices include deposit to another account or electronic deposit to a OneAccount, an optional account.
  • Optional text alerts on the status of their refunds, regardless of how they receive them.
  • Free customer service through a customer support line, online FAQs, email and social media.

In addition, every student—regardless of past credit history—has the option to open an FDIC-insured checking account with access to 55,000 fee-free ATMs. This student account is one of the most student-friendly accounts on the market and offers some of the strongest student protections, put in place by new Department of Education regulations. Now you can have a peace of mind that your students have access to a great account and are not getting unsolicited offers for credit or overdraft protection.

The optional OneAccount has no monthly fee, no minimum balance requirements, no overdraft fees, no NSF fees, no PIN fees.

Read More

On Campus Support

BankMobile Disbursements also provides unique support to students where they are—on campus. Our Campus Education Specialists can educate students one-on-one about what a financial aid refund is, how the refund process works and what their choices are so they make the decision that best fits their individual needs. BankMobile’s award-winning $tart with Change program offers students financial literacy tools, resources and education to help them make smarter everyday decisions that can put them in control of a successful financial future.

The OneAccount

According to the national Money Matters on Campus report, more than 90% of college students feel unprepared to repay student loans. To help students create a solid financial background, we created the OneAccount, an FDIC-insured, internet-only checking account. It is designed for college life, built with great features to make students’ lives easier. Features and benefits of the OneAccount include:

  • Available regardless of financial history (upon ID verification)
  • No monthly fee for students
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • No overdraft or NSF fees
  • No offers of credit or overdraft protection
  • Fee-free ATM access to over 55,000 Allpoint® ATMs (the largest surcharge-free ATM network)
  • Free Money Meter budgeting tool

  • Free SnapShot mobile money management feature
  • Free checks
  • Free photo bill pay
  • OneAccount Passport, a recognition program for good financial behavior and academic performance
  • On/Off switch to temporarily disable the account’s debit card
  • MasterCard® Zero Liability protection

Account holders also have access to $, a student-oriented website providing tips, tools and videos on financial literacy, responsible spending and smart saving from our in-house experts.

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